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Brian Davis

Brian Davis - Phoenix Guitar Instructor

Brian Davis has been playing guitar, singing, writing, and recording for over twenty years. He attended Berklee college of Music and teaches all level students from age 8 and up, in most styles. He emphasizes reading music and music theory as extremely important skills for the guitarist and all who wish to speak the language of music.

Brian is located in the Phoenix area, and teaches Guitar out of his Peoria, AZ home. Students should be ready to practice and put as much into lessons as they wish to get out of it. Email [email protected] to schedule a private lesson. Lessons are $75 a month, which would be 4 or 5 half hour lessons, depending on the month. There is an incredible synergistic relationship between education and music, never mind the catharsis that music intrinsically has. Simply put, music is good for your health, soul and mind. But it is now known to have a profound effect on early brain development, developing key parts of the brain in musical children!

"There is more thinking involved even in rock music than most people realize..." (cont.)

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